CNStats Context Help

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MySql connection parameters


Enter data necessary to connect to the database. Your database will be checked during installation and some tables will be created if necessary.

Administrator's data


Enter login to view statistics. In future, to view accumulated statistics it will be necessary to enter login and password. You should use your working e-mail address as login, it is necessary to receive correct reports and stable work of the commercial version.

This data may be changed manually in 'config.php' if necessary.

Keeping detailed statistics (complete logs)


This option allows to set periods for which complete logs of your web-site performance will be stored. It is proved, that usually 30 days log is enough for most web-sites. Further on statistics is automatically summarized by days, weeks and months.

This option influences stats system performance and disk space occupied by the database. The longer the period of storage is, the slower stats system works and more space is taken by the database. On the other hand, most of the reports are built using data from the stored complete log-file.

Period of storage may be modified manually in 'config.php'. You may extend it to any reasonable time length.

Selecting counter type


If your web-site is written in PHP-language, we recommend "Built in PHP page code". Graphical counters may be used as alternative.

Counter settings and type may be altered manually after installation.

Excluding IP addresses from statistics


If you do not want to see some IP addresses in statistics (your own IP-address, or IP-addresses of computers in your office, to have 'precise' stats), you may exclude some of them.
You may add or exclude IP addresses manually in 'config.php'.

Viewing statistics


Enter your e-mail address in 'Login' field and your password in the 'Password' field. You have to type in password, which you entered during installation. Login and password can be edited/changed manually in 'config.php'. Find fields:

----from config.php-------
Important! The password is md5 encrypted! To change password type in the following as in example:

How users are counted?


Two different algorithms are used, depending on the selected counter type:

  1. php-include counter. A host (ip), which has been idle for 1 hour or more is counted as new user.
  2. graphical counter. When the user visits the web-site for the first time, cookie is placed for this user. This cookie expires at midnight. During next visits the cookie is checked for presence. If the system does not find it, this visitor is counted as new one.

How to check whether CNStats is working or not?

  1. After the installation procedure is completed, insert counter code in the body of the web-page.
  2. Open the web-page in the browser. Your visit will be recorded to the database.
  3. Go to the report "View Log". You should ses a record of your visit there. You may also select sorting "By Hours" in the report "Site Attendance" and see information about your visit there.

    The report "Site Attendance" sorted "By Days" is updated at midnight.